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Our Philosophy

TThe McHugh Approach

Our approach ensures results only possible through the unique combination of our People, Processes, and Perspective.

Our People

McHugh Consulting has decades of business and consulting expertise. Our consultants are distinguished from those of other consulting firms by the depth, breadth, and diversity of their experience and knowledge. They hold degrees in a variety of disciplines including management, finance, marketing and education from the nation’s premier institutions.

But it is our practical experience that truly sets McHugh Consulting apart from its competition.  Our seasoned consultants directed multimillion-dollar corporations in diverse industries. The insights they have gained as CEOs and in other top-level executive positions give them an understanding of strategy development and problem identification that goes beyond theory and MBA case studies. They have a strong grasp of the fundamental problems facing clients in today’s business environment and have worked alongside people from the shop floor to the boardroom to resolve pressing issues and implement sustainable solutions.

And, unlike many consulting firms, senior McHugh consultants do not sell the project and delegate to a junior consultant, only to be seen again at the last round of meetings. Instead, they lead and deliver the projects to the client.

Our Processes

McHugh Consulting guides clients in the use of tested, McHugh-developed processes.  Because these processes are designed to leverage the talent and expertise of our client, the client – not the consultant – owns the solution. The result – stronger commitment for more effective implementation.

The McHugh approach begins with data gathering and analysis. McHugh consultants analyze and present the data in new and provocative ways. Using proven issue resolution processes, key concerns are identified more clearly; long-standing debates are resolved more quickly; and critical business decisions are made more collaboratively.

McHugh’s processes provide an effective way to arrive at and present conclusions. This results in consensus for change and translates into successful implementation.

Our Perspective

At McHugh, our years of experience as consultants encompass a wide variety of companies in diverse industries. These include consumer products, heavy manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive and financial and legal services, as well as key functional areas such as operations, sales and marketing, procurement, supply chain management, human resources, and finance. This experience has given us a unique perspective that we draw upon to help our clients resolve critical business issues.

McHugh consultants challenge client thinking to spur consideration of sensitive but critical issues.  We take the time to understand the corporate culture of our clients and structure custom-designed engagements that allow us to respond specifically to client needs.

Our perspective is clearly visible in our core beliefs:

• A practical solution that can be implemented is superior to a perfect solution that cannot.

• Meaningful solutions that are “owned” by the corporation’s leadership are more likely to produce tangible results.

Ultimately, the critical measure of success is the result achieved by the client.

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