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At McHugh Consulting, we have two areas upon which we focus - Complexity Reduction and Strategy Formulation.

Complexity Reduction

Complexity is endemic and largely unavoidable in business today. At McHugh, we recognize this reality. However, having worked with over 100 businesses, we also know that effective management of complexity can reduce costs and increase efficiency, resulting in more effective use of capital, equipment, and human resources. McHugh Consulting helps clients address complexity in four areas:

Product and Customer Complexity

Many companies have allowed products and customers to proliferate inadvertently. In many cases, a high percentage of the total mix produces relatively little profit. Unfortunately, these low-value products and customers can consume excessive amounts of time and effort, eating into revenue and margins generated by more profitable ventures. Often, ongoing efforts are focused on addressing these less profitable areas while too little attention is paid to the growth of strategic, high-value customers. McHugh helps clients balance strategic and operational objectives in order to increase profitability without losing sight of future growth opportunities.

Initiative Complexity

Often, engaging in too many initiatives and projects distracts companies. Initiative complexity is the most insidious form of complexity causing individuals to expend time, attention, and talent in multiple directions, dissipating their efforts. The results of initiative complexity are delays in critical initiatives, loss of leadership credibility and increasing frustration and burnout of key people. McHugh helps clients focus on core strategic initiatives; develop strategies to implement them; and allocate appropriate resources to allow implementation on time and within budget.

Structural Complexity

Structural complexity evolves over time, as changes in corporate structure are made to address a host of organizational problems, often without consideration of the overall effect. This may lead to poor focus, loss of essential capabilities, loss of corporate flexibility, confusion over roles and responsibilities and excessive fixed costs. Conversely, an efficient corporate structure enables the achievement of operational and strategic objectives. McHugh’s expertise in the area of structural complexity assists clients in implementing a clear organizational structure that meets key objectives while controlling fixed costs.

Process Complexity

Many processes are legacies of patchwork solutions for constraints that were implemented around standards that are no longer meaningful. Inefficient processes and rework are a major source of unproductive costs. However, few organizations review and modify their processes regularly. McHugh helps clients examine their key processes and redesign those areas in which rework and delays result in excessive costs and suboptimal performance.

Strategy Formulation

The McHugh Consulting approach to business strategy is designed to help companies answer a series of critical questions about the future of the enterprise, as a whole or major business unit. For example:

Does the leadership team have a clear and consistent vision for the future of the business?

Do the relevant data about the marketplace support the strategy the business has articulated?

Has the business identified viable, sustainable opportunities for growth?

Can the strategy be executed?

Is the strategy based on a financial model that yields sufficient economic results to make the strategy worth pursuing?

Can this strategy be communicated to key constituents in a way that creates energy and commitment?


McHugh Consulting provides a proven framework called Strategic Pathways to help clients assess these questions. This approach to strategy provides the client with unique value in that strategies facilitated by McHugh Consulting provide:

Data-based and fact-driven analysis - most clients have copious data and information about their strategic positioning and options.

Focus on the discrete strategic issues – many clients don’t need a complete strategic overhaual

Point of view facilitation – as in all of its consulting, McHugh Consulting recognizes that clients commit most strongly to strategies that they own. McHugh Consulting brings a point of view as to what strategic options are available to the clients and what the strategic issues are that the client must address.

Project management – McHugh Consulting brings a proven process for strategic project management that enables the leadership team to clearly articulate the activities required to execute the strategy. 

McHugh brings the following to all its engagements:

* Over 30 Years of Consulting Experience

* Strong client value for reasonable fees 

* Seasoned consultants who've worked in leadership positions outside of the consulting world

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